With an in-depth technical understanding of well conditions, Variperm delivers flow control solutions capable of optimizing production in any reservoir. Variperm’s technical expertise leads the industry in flow path design for the delivery of controlled and consistent operations. 

Variperm’s OptiCon flow control portfolio is founded on extensively applied research and proven field performance in over 1,000 wells globally. Our tools deploy in multiple applications, including but not limited to SAGD, CSS, steamflooding and waterflooding. Learn more about how we can support your next project.  

Our flow control technologies are classified as follows:

  • FCDs – Flow control devices
  • ICDs – Inflow control devices
  • OCDs – Outflow control devices
  • AICDs – Autonomous inflow control devices



By combining our industry expertise, unwavering commitment to research and development, and cutting-edge in-house proLAB testing services, we specialize in providing well designs that optimize flow control.


Flow Control Device
Houses and protects our flow path and plug technologies


Flow Control Device
​Shiftable tool option for on/off capability 


Variperm’s cutting edge flow paths are built to enhance your flow control device by restricting flow to force a uniform production rate throughout the length of your well. These flow paths help operators manage well performance regardless of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the reservoir and can be used in all types of applications, including but not limited to SAGD, CSS, steamflooding and waterflooding. 


Our technical team continues to develop flow paths for all types of fluids, such as steam, NCG, solvent, water, etc. Contact Us to learn more. 


Converging Diverging Device


Tube Device


Friction Device


Limited Entry Port


Variperm’s proprietary OptiPlug™ floating technologies are ideal for liner floatation and fluid management.  This technology has proven to increase extended reach drilling and reduce run times. These plugs come in meltable, dissolvable, or knockout options.


Meltable Plug


Dissolvable Plug


Knockout Plug



NALU™ is a low-overhead simulator that relies on limited input, provides results within minutes, and uses physical conservation equations rather than empirical relations to determine state-property profiles.

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Variperm OptiCon Flow Control Technology for SAGD and CSS

Variperm’s ability to prototype, test and manufacture flow control products in Calgary has resulted in tailored solutions that support client-specific needs in Western Canada.

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