Inflow and Outflow Control Device
Q-SelectorVariperm’s Q-Selector is a liner deployed flow control device (FCD) for new well completions with a simple inner port tube and an outer screen. The Q-Selector can improve the distribution into the target formation and control the inflow of produced fluids.

For injection, the Q-Selector provides choked flow and can be designed to allow for higher injection pressures, which may provide strategic fracturing of the reservoir sand for specific exploitation applications. For production, oil is preferentially produced over steam, water, and gas. Each Q-Selector is completed and custom designed with Variperm’s screen technologies, resulting in large openflow areas for optimal exposure to the reservoir. 

The Q-Selector is manufactured in an API Q1™ Certified facility.

Features and Benefits

  • Uniformly distributed inflow along length of wellbore
  • Plug allows to float string in during installation
  • Drift ID Bore access
  • Improved recovery rates and production optimization
  • Superior erosion, corrosion, and scale resistance
  • Liner deployed with sand control


  • Openhole standalone completions
  • Production and injection wells
  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal completions
  • High-temperature/high-pressure service


  • proLAB™ sand control lab testing and modelling
  • NALU™ flow control near-wellbore modelling and optimization
  • Patented nozzle technologies
  • Sand control options include proWRAP™, proPUNCH™, and proMESH™
  • Zonal isolation packers
  • Temperature sensing technology
  • Hydraulic or mechanical shifting 
  • Field configurable
  • Temperature-activated dissolvable plugs

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