Near Wellbore Physics Testing Services

Variperms’s proLAB is an elite technical team dedicated to developing successful completions by focusing on near wellbore conditions and sand control strategies for optimized production. Variperms’s proLAB includes sand control and near wellbore physics experts with diverse industrial and academic background including physical modelling and experimental testing, petroleum geomechanics, rock mechanics and geotechnics.

Variperms’s proLAB offers a three-phase sand control design and testing program. This program seeks to evaluate sand control designs for PSD variations of a studied field, utilizing improved sand control testing methodologies.



Variperm’s proLAB provides services for sand characterization and screen evaluation. The main services for sand characterization are: 

Sand Particle Characterization

  • Sonic sifter Particle Sand Distribution (PSD) analysis 

  • Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA) (PSD and shape)

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and SEM-Energy Dispersive XRD (EDX) analysis  

Featuring our new, improved and proprietary version of what industry refers to as sand retention tests (SRT).

LSCE: Linear-flow Sand Control Evaluation



Cased and Perforated standalone completion testing


Gravel Packing standalone completion testing



HT and HP/HT testing





Pressure pulsation testing


Slurry standalone completion testing rigs


Cased and Perforated standalone completion testing


Standalone completion testing


High pressure/high temperature testing rig



Perforation Testing rig





Wellbore simulator rig





Nozzle testing rig



Screen erosion testing rig





Bulk scale testing rig




Sand control engineering uses Variperm's proprietary semi-empirical slot width modelling program. Flow control modelling is performed with Variperm's proprietary thermal wellbore simulation software (NALU). Our team of in-house engineers will work to suit your needs.

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